A.I. for Enhanced Commerce Solutions

SOFE.AI is an A.I. commerce solution which evolves and adapts with its users purchasing needs to enhance efficiency and productivity in their lives

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Strategic Partnerships

SOFE.AI serves as an integrated partner with several major chat and online ordering systems, SMS carriers and Local POS system providers.
You can connect SOFE.AI APIs to virtually all marketing and commerce tools to support customer ordering needs or interactions.
Our OPEN API and A.I. easily integrates with many LOCAL POS systems and can assist confirmation, payments and ordering directly into your POS or Our Cloud systems.

We know tasks such as online ordering is important, so we can keep your current ecommerce shopping carts and enhance it with our A.I. and CHAT ordering system.
We have partnered with some of the best marketing systems and enabled Our A.I. system with more ways to reach consumers.
We can help expand your SMS and CHAT ordering into major platforms such as Google Assitant completely white labeled.

Technology and Product Specifics

Our proprietary patent pending chatbot is named SOFE.AI.
SOFE.AI enables solutions such as SMS ordering as well as CHAT ordering via most major platforms and social networks like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, WeChat and more.

-It can enhance web browser ordering experiences or integrate with current Chat tools to facilitate complete autonomous ordering.

-It provides a redundant cloud centralized data management systems and connects via API to many local POS systems.

-It can support Speech to Text ordering via most phones and works with Voice Activated Speakers such as Google Assistant and Alexa.

-It provides a fully integrated Voice and SMS Marketing platform that can increase sales or provide customer notifications.

-It connects to our a backup Live Agent switchboard for support or can be connected to any local operator.

-It supports complete Interactive Voice Ordering with streamlined flows or Call back functionality.

We have Partnered with the best in Natural Language Processing to scale its reach in many languages.

Short Order Form Enhanced Artificial Intelligence (SOFE.AI)

Changing the way Commerce is done.™

SOFE.AI’s is patent pending innovation in the world of A.I. We like to refer to our A.I. code as "She", so that we can bring her to life.

She is made up of experts in Software, Marketing, Sales and Cognitive learning behavior specialists.
We are proud to be the creators of one of the world best A.I. assistants in the area of commerce for the local businesses.
We are focused on making consumers lives simpler and honoring those local businesses that wake up every day to serve us.